Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fiction fotos

The evening of female fiction with Zoe Whittall and Elise Moser was as fabulous as advertised. Full house enjoyed the readings and the improvised one-author-interviewing-another-author-discussion, and at the Q & A period attendees were curious to know how does an author's workday look alike, and if both of them always knew they will become authors.

Zoe's novel Holding Still For As Long As Possible took us to the streets of Toronto, were her witty 20something characters were wrestling with paramedics work, inner insecurities and relationship puzzles.

Zoe holding her newest novel. She told that she was four years old when she published her first book - it was a hand made book from cover to cover, covers were made of wallpaper.

Elise's magical voice transferred us to Montreal, where her main character Julia was coping with her sudden losses, surprising news and relationship puzzles as well.

Elise signing a copy of her book Because I Have Loved and Hidden It for the fellow author, Zoe. Elise read heavily already at young age, and her 8th grade classmate noted that "one day Elise will have to write a book because she will have read all the other books of the world."

The informal chatting with the authors (Zoe on the left, Elise on the right) went on late to the night.