Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thomas Pawlick brings The War In The Country to Ottawa

After a looooong blog silence we're on fire today... second post within half an hour!

We're getting very excited about our next 40th anniversary event - the launch of The War In The Country - How The Fight To Save Rural Life Will Shape Our Future by Thomas F. Pawlick.

The book launch will take place on Saturday at 11 a.m. at a fresh, local and organic venue - the Main Farmers' Market (223 Main St.) Come early to fill your shopping basket with local products!

In addition, we'll have a raffle: two lucky winners will go home with a copy of the new book, and one lucky winner will take Mr. Pawlick for a a lunch at the Green Door Restaurant.

Pawlick's new book The War In The Country is a provocative look at rural communities and a passionate call to arms to save them. Rural life in North America has changed dramatically over the past fifty years and the few remaining family farms now struggle to survive. They have been replaced by corporate-backed factory farms, mining interests, and large-scale tourism developments, all favoured by governments with little understanding of or sympathy for traditional rural life—a life that is sustainable and healthy.

Pawlick, himself a farmer, uses the microcosm of his own rural community in eastern Ontario to portray the groups involved around the world who are waging a war to save their rural way of life. The outcome of these clashes will decide not only the future of rural life globally but also the quality and sustainability of our food, our water, our soil, and our air—of the environment on which we depend for survival. The War in the Country argues, passionately and persuasively, that every one of us must join the fight to secure our food future.

Thomas F. Pawlick has more than thirty-five years of experience as a journalist and editor, specializing in science, environmental, and agricultural reporting. He is a three-time winner of the Canadian Science Writers’ Association Award and received a National Magazine Award for his agricultural reporting.


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  2. Hey Octopus! Grew up on your goodness, got my first Karl Marx t-shirt at your shopm remember the beginner's guides to: loved that series when I was in high school.

    I am really interested in contacting Thomas Pawlick for a little interview. My NANOWRIMO project is an accessible locavore cookbook for people who have lost the skills to imagine going without the food corp processed foods. (I'm a nanowrimo rebel - this being a nonfiction book) I'm including book reviews and seeing as I would like to review several of Pawlick's books as the accessible reads they are it occurred to me I could get stuff for it straight from the horse's mouth. Your site came up first.

    Could you send him this note.

    Devoured my library copy of The War in the Country and will be getting a copy from my local indie bookstore.

    Kerry Eady