Thursday, November 26, 2009

Photos from Yann Martel event

The interartistic evening with Yann Martel and Back Burner art exhibition at the Patrick Gordon Framing was a great success, we want to do this again!

Martel turned out to be as witty speaker as he is as a writer. He shed light on his on-going writing process of What Is Stephen Harper Reading?, how he selects the books (for example, the book has to be under 200 pages and relatively easy to read) and how the bi-monthly deadline is always around the corner. He was puzzled by the fact that Harper has never mentioned in public any of his favourite novel or as a matter of fact, if he reads fiction at all. "It's ok to read Robert Ludlum, if that's what he likes, as long as he just reads fiction!"

Yann Martel was astonished and honoured when he saw the art exhibition Back Burner. PM might be getting a letter with Back Burner flyer soon .... Stay tuned with the "Canadian Author VS. Canadian PM" battle and click at

The audience listened carefully what Yann Martel had to say about art, politics and the Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The art exhibition Back Burner is still hanging at the walls of
Patrick Gordon Framing, go and have a look!

More photos of the evening also at

In addition to the 29 Back Burner artists, Yann Martel and What is Stephen Harper Reading? inspired also the New Political Theatre The Wrecking Ball in Ottawa.

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