Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Only three days more...

... to the amazing 40th birthday party!

Excitement is building up as the details are being finalized.

Invitations have been sent to left and left... Posters have been (and are still being) spread all over the city… Delicious snacks have been ordered… Cake, the beautiful Octopus cake, has been ordered… Decorations for Friday evening are being prepared… Final to-do-lists are being made and lost and re-made… “Whatelsewhatelsewhatelse, have we forgotten something” is being thought. And re-thought. And re-thought.

Yes, we might have forgotten something that we don’t even know about yet. But after all, all that matters are people. YOU. That you will come to the party, enjoy your time there, share your story, share your experiences in and memories of the store with us and with the many other Octopus-friends. With your help, the store has been kept alive for forty years and we wish to thank you and celebrate with you on Friday

See you soon!

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