Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunny Saturday at the Main Farmers' Market

What a relief it was to wake up for a sunny morning on October 17 --- the outdoor event with Thomas Pawlick wouldn't be blown away by an autumn storm!

Indeed quite the opposite, for at 11 am when Pawlick started to talk about his newest book "The War In The Country", the Main Farmers' Market was autumnal warm and sunny, and buzzing with people. In his speech Pawlick emphasized the importance of locally produced products in order to keep our food nutritious and safe. He encouraged the audience to support local farmers and congratulated the market and its vendors for good work: "The goal is to have as many farmers' markets as there are supermarkets!"

Market Manager Greer introducing Thomas Pawlick.

Crowd listened carefully what Pawlick had to say about decreasing levels of nutrients in our food, factory farms and government politics towards small scale farmers.

The winner of the lunch with the author was a two-week-old baby! She and Thomas enjoyed the delicious food of the Green Door Restaurant and saw eye to eye on things.

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